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If you already have a logo for your company, brand or team, great! That puts you ahead of the game. If not, no worries! You can use our free design studio to create your own unique artwork. We can turn any computer graphic into a workable embroidery graphic.

If you are planning on bringing in your own items please specify that when contacting us, but did you know that we give embroidery discounts when you order the apparel items from us? Specify who will be providing the items and which products you are interested in. We will bury our heads deep into product catalogs to find you the right item for your project.

Once we have the logo digitized and the clothing item decided we can then provide to you your custom embroidery pricing. Remember, pricing is based on quantity. Each additional item purchased reduces the price just a little bit. Payments are sent and accepted online.

Good Times

Fantastic shirts. The fabrics are wonderful quality and the graphics look very professional. Excellent to work with and quick turnaround times! -Alexandra

We recently got new apparel for our HVAC company from SigmaWear and we are so pleased with quality! We wear our apparel daily and the colors look great! Our apparel was ready in no time, too! We will definitely be doing business with them again. -BridgeWorks Heating & Cooling

Very friendly and helpful... Great little shop in Berlin Connecticut.... Small jobs no problem... Rush jobs they work with you... -Daryl

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