Our Story

What's In a Name?

To answer that question we have to piece two ideas together to form the meaning behind the name. First we have to understand what a sigma is. Sigma is a Greek letter used in mathematics to denote the summation of a sequence of numbers or variables. In other words, it’s a symbol used to tell you to add everything together and it looks like this:

The second piece of the puzzle is a famous quote by Aristotle – “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. We often times see this quote in team settings, in both sports and corporate offices. The reason for this is because it is also the definition of synergy, which every good team is trying to accomplish.

At SigmaWear, we believe that an ingredient to that team building synergy is unifying as a team through semblance. We hope that you allow us to help unify your team by choosing SigmaWear as your uniform and apparel provider.