I understand and agree that I must provide to SigmaWear vector formatted graphics or utilize the design studio to create original artwork. If such graphics are not supplied then I am subject to additional graphic design fees unless otherwise agreed upon.

Virtual Storefront

I understand that my unique web store is available 24/7/365 and can be added to with additional inventory items, non-inventory items, and team store items. At any time.


I understand and agree that I must place and pay for an apparel order up front based on then current wholesale pricing and discounts. Wholesale pricing per item decreases as the quantity of items increases. Each order is independent from any previous or future order and pricing is set on a per order basis. The greater the order, the lower the price, thus; the greater the funds raised per item. Accepted payment methods are checks and echecks. Credit card payments will incur a 3% fee.


I understand that bulk orders are placed and paid for. Once items are sold in the virtual store. Once items are sold, I understand that I will receive my original investment plus the difference between sell price and purchase price less SigmaWear’s fee for merchandising management. Typically fees range from $3.00 to $5.00 based on item size and weight for storage purposes. Funds can be distributed or reinvested at any time up to once per month or as often as necessary if funds are greater than $1,000.

On Site Sales

SigmaWear does not sell product on physical site; however, I understand that I have the opportunity to sell my products at events and avoid the Merchandising Management Fee. I understand I am responsible for shipping in both directions.

Champion Sponsorship

I understand If I spend $5,000 in a given school year on Champion branded products, then I receive 15% back in free product based on then current MSRP price. This incentive program is non-obligatory and any brand can be used to fit the needs of my program; however, other brands do not count towards Champion sponsorship totals.


I understand the virtual store service can be canceled at any time. Arrangements to pick up or ship remaining inventory items must be made. Any remaining funds will be distributed by SigmaWear.

Please read the Terms of Service described above before proceeding.