A New Look At A Better Price For Francis T. Maloney High School

SigmaWear has always been a proud supporter of local and youth sports, and we have established great relationships with a number of teams and high schools across Central Connecticut.

This includes a number of projects with Francis T. Maloney High School in Meriden, Connecticut,  whose coaches came to us over the summer of 2017 needing an updated look for the Maloney Spartans football team. The coaches and team members worked with SigmaWear to develop a new eye-catching logo for the Spartans that students and parents both loved for both the new jerseys. We also did so at a much lower cost than our competitors, as we don't jack up the price of generic apparel products.

But our work with Maloney didn't stop there. We also outfitted the Maloney Girls Volleyball team with shirts, and pants, showcasing the breadth of products we offer here at SigmaWear. We also gave their logo an updated look, giving students new cause to take pride in their Meriden high school. 

Because of the continued support Maloney high school teams have show SigmaWear, we are offering an exclusive offer for free gear on all future Maloney orders. 

"They did an amazing job with all of the gear for our team, we would reccomend them to anyone. Will be doing business again with them very soon!" -  Kevin Savejs, Maloney High School

Later in 2017, SigmaWear teamed up with the senior class of 2018 and their advisers to make a fantastic and affordable package of team jerseys, workout gear, and cheerleading outfits for their Annual Senior Powderpuff Football Game. We also outfitted the Maloney High football players with charming cheerleading apparel to help score that final game-winning touchdown! 

The job called for screen printing the Teamwork brand jerseys and Champion sweatpants. Teamwork is the gold standard in football jerseys, and Champion is one of our most popular options for workout wear as it balances name brand durability with affordable pricing.

We have been big supporters of Powderpuff games across the area, including New Britain High School, and we watching our hard work get put to good use and a good cause.  It's one of the perks of our job, so much so that we are offering exclusive incentives to ensure we continue to be a part of the Maloney sports family.

"I've been working with Brian for several years now with New Britain Powder Puff football and recently for Maloney Spartans football. They are extremely creative with designs, always on time, and very competitive with pricing." - Carlos Pina, New Britain Powderpuff Football

Exclusive Offer For Maloney High School

Because Maloney has been such a great client, all future orders from Maloney High School are eligible to receive free apparel items featuring the same design and color patterns

We are offering five tiers for free products at the following price points.

Spend at least:

  • $500 - $25 worth of credit
  • $1000 - $50 worth of credit
  • $2,500 - $100 worth of credit
  • $5,000 - $200 worth of credit
  • $10,000 or more - $500 worth of credit

Example: Beth the Math Teacher makes a purchase of sweatshirts for her Mathletes totaling $2,500 for a two-color design featuring the Maloney Spartans logo.

Beth now has $100 she can spend on similar items featuring the same color pattern and logo. SigmaWear carries a wide range of products, including long sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts, moisture management t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sports jerseys, warm and cold weather hats, and much more all from name brand apparel companies such as Champion and Sport-Tek. 

Restrictions: Free products must use the same decoration: ie.  type, color, and size used in original order.

Brands Chosen For Francis T. Maloney High School Projects