Winter has officially arrived in New England, and so has hoodie season! Custom hoodies (i.e. hooded sweatshirts) are a staple here in New England as they provide simple comfort and protection against the mighty Northeastern cold.

They're also incredibly useful, especially for those of us who can't hold onto other winter gear. Forget your hat? Pull up your hood! Left your gloves at home? Stick those cold hands into some warm pockets and keep yourself nice and toasty. Hoodies are a New England tradition, and custom hoodies are a way to unite your team or employees with a comfortable, practical piece of apparel. You can even create your own with our Design Studio.

Unified team apparel shows your competitors and clients that you're a serious business, and these hoodies double as walking, talking marketing tools - so you can keep your team warm while making sure everybody knows exactly who arrived.

At Sigmawear, we offer many of the biggest names in apparel, including Sport-Tek, Champion, Port Authority and many many more - and we'll work with you to find the right items that match your needs and budget. We have the experience to guide your selection, and we offer both screen printing and embroidery services that will turn those plain hoodies into fashion statements.

We are professionals at making custom hoodies - and we make it easy! Just bring us your design, tell us the quality and quantity you need with this form, and we can take it from there.

Or use the Design Studio tool and submit your order online. And when it comes to pricing, we're the best - and we offer flexible options such as our Virtual Stores if you need to buy in bulk for your team, school, or other organization.

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