SigmaWear – What’s In A Name?

Creating Synergy through Semblance

At SigmaWear, we focus on the details, and that includes our name. In mathematics, Sigma is the Greek letter used in denote the summation of a sequence. In other words, it’s a symbol used to tell you to add everything together and it looks like this:


Look familar? It should, because that's our logo, albeit oriented a different way.

The second piece of the puzzle also comes to us from Greece, specifically noted philosopher Aristotle, who is quoted as say "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Simply put, the efforts of a team will always outperform the efforts of the individual.

We often times see this quote in team settings, in both sports and corporate offices, and for good reason. Uniting a team in a meaningful way is the key to success on the playing field and in the business world.

No one is an island, and only by banding together can we achieve great things. In the business world, this is called synergy, and when everything is working together in perfect harmony, great things are possible.

An important ingredient to team building is creating synergy, and at SigmaWear we believe an important first step is unifying as a team through semblance. When you look like a team, you act like a team, creating synergy through semblance.

We can provide to your team – whether sport or business – an attractive and succinct appearance at a great price. We offer a graphic design studio where you can create your custom logo for screen printing or embroidery.

We work with some of the biggest apparel brands in the country, offering a tremendous selection of products including t-shirts, fleece jackets, hats, bags, team uniforms, and just about everything else.

Our goal is to provide you with the best prices, customer service, and options when it comes to outfitting your team or company with custom merchandise. Get in touch with us today and learn how we can synergize your team.


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